Hello & Welcome!

I’m Kelly Mishell, creator of Kelly Mishell Coaching. My passion and purpose is helping women find their inner sparks of greatness and create balanced, harmonious lives. I want you to know that loving your life and loving yourself doesn’t have to feel so hard. Joy and inner peace are not for “someday”. Today is your day to release the fear and self-doubt. Today is the day to open the window and let in the light of possibility.

I have always had deep desire to help women succeed and live in their best lives. I truly believe when we are happy, thriving and living our dreams, a beautiful energy radiates out of us, positively changing our personal world and the larger world around us.

How would your world be different if you were living your dreams? If you had all the success, love, prosperity and abundance you could imagine?

Many women think they can’t have it all. I’m here to tell you, it is possible to have both a thriving, successful career and a fulfilling personal life you absolutely love!

I am a Certified Life Coach and inspirational speaker dedicated to guiding you away from what’s wrong in your life and toward the amazing life you are meant to have. I believe everyone has a special, unique brilliance and a path it leads to. I coach women to tap into their true authenticity and teach them proven methods for:

  • eliminating overwhelm
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • discovering true work/life balance
  • recharging relationships
  • connecting with your personal power
I would love for you to join me and find your truly inspired, joyful life experience.

My Approach…

I believe every person is unique, and I approach my clients that way. I help each individual gain clarity on where she wants to go and guide her toward her own possibility. Perhaps you’re asking, “How can a life coach help me?”

Just as a sports coach supports an athlete as she strives to reach her physical goals, I support my clients in assessing and achieving their ultimate life goals. Incorporating Law of Attraction principles eliminates the struggle and allows your journey to become one of alignment, flow and inspired action.

Kelly is personable, insightful and easy to open up to. She made me feel comfortable and safe to express myself. She has helped me move through situations in which I was previously stuck. I have gained more self-confidence working with Kelly. I have achieved organization in my life, have overcome avoidance, become more open and vulnerable and am now taking pleasure in a deeper, meaningful relationship with my partner.

– Christine P.