How do you feel about the word “abundance”? The idea of living in a state of abundance is one of my favorite subjects to discuss with my clients. Probably because it’s been one of the biggest pivot points in my own life. Every moment of every day you have thoughts that are either attracting abundance or the lack of it. Before I was taught this basic principle, I was often thinking and attracting the latter.  

Which one are you attracting most often? How does that manifest in your life? 

First, let’s get down to basics. What is “abundance”? The word may automatically conjure thoughts of money and material things. It is actually broader than that. Abundance is the idea that there is no limit to what you are capable of having or being. However, in our modern society, “being” takes a backseat to “having”. Many people are focused on the accumulation of external things to make them feel good. Seeking more and more material gratification, we have become conditioned to focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do.  

Take a moment and start to notice your thoughts about your circumstances in the areas of money & possessions, career, health, and love. Are your thoughts mostly about what you do have or what you don’t? This is a judgment-free awareness exercise. Simply notice what is true for you.  

Quantum physics has proven that everything in our universe is made up of energy. One of the core universal principles I teach is how your personal energy matters in the quality of life you’re living. Simply put, your thoughts create feelings and those feelings have energetic vibration. The higher the vibration, the better. So, when you focus your thoughts on being abundant (“having a plentiful supply”), your feelings are content, happy and in positive expectation. Thus, you are attracting more of that high-level vibration and increased abundance back to you.  

Nice, right? 

Conversely, when you are focused on lack (“the state of being without or not having enough of something”), you feel discouraged, doubtful and frustrated. Your vibration is low, thus, attracting more of that low-level vibration and even more lack back to you.  

This is The Law of Attraction. The recipe is pretty simple, yet extremely powerful 

So, how do you increase your feelings of abundance? One key way is changing your language to shift how you feel. Here are some examples of a shift in language: 

Lack Statement #1: “I can’t take a vacation because I never have enough money.” 

Abundant Statement: “I have everything I need. I would like to have some extra money so I can take a vacation.” 

Lack Statement #2: “All the people I date are losers. I’ll never find Mr./Ms. Right.” 

Abundant Statement: “I’ve had some awkward dates, but I know I’ll meet the man/woman for me when the time is right.” 

Lack Statement #3: “I’ve tried to lose weight before and I just gain it all back. It’s too hard for me to stick to a diet.”  

Abundant Statement: “I know I have the choice to be healthier. Maybe I can find a fitness partner and we can help each other reach our goals.” 

Say each one of those statements to yourself with conviction and notice how you feel. My guess is the Abundant Statement feels a whole lot better. Yes? 

With these examples as a model, practice shifting your own thoughts to focus on a statement that feels good instead of one that feels bad. Don’t worry if you stumble a bit. This may take some practice to get into the flow. As you up-level your feelings and your energetic vibration more often, you will naturally create positive changes that will catapult you into “The Abundance Zone”.  

This article originally appeared in Aspire Magazine.