None of us are immune to the physical and emotional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic we’re experiencing right now.

Is my head swirling from the sobering statistics and our ever-changing circumstances? Oh yeah!

A few days ago, my husband announced he suddenly wasn’t feeling well. He had body aches and thought he had a fever. I literally stopped in my tracks.

Panic is not my usual landing spot in a crisis. I tend to go into focused management-mode. But I must say, the thought that he might have contracted the coronavirus and what that meant for our family made me VERY nervous.

I instinctively reached for one of the Law of Attraction tools I teach day-in and day-out to calm me.

It was NECESSARY for me to get centered and remember that no matter what is happening, I am the creator of my experience of it.

As I was assessing what my husband (and perhaps my children) might need, it occurred to me that we were underprepared with medical supplies and a few food items. So, I quickly went to the store with disposable gloves-on-hands so as not to possibly spread something to another person.

(Of course, my husband had bought bright purple gloves. Very subtle.)

I could feel people’s eyes on my hands as I shopped. Some had a little smile like “this lady is totally overreacting”. Some were eyeing me and my purchases with slightly worried expressions. I simply noticed and stayed in my zone.

While I waited in the checkout line with all the other people, I simply remained in my truth and in compassion for everyone else dealing with this uncertainty the best way they can right now.

Breathing slowly & deeply. Appreciating that I easily got what I came for. Believing all was well.

Thankfully, my husband never did spike a fever and felt better in a couple of days. (PHEW!!)

Let me say, there were definitely gifts around that scare. A biggie was that I remembered that I’m human. Even though I always feel protected by the Universe, I had a human moment of fear and worry…and it was OK to experience that.

Feel your feelings. It’s normal. But choose not to dwell in the ones that don’t feel good.

Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you. Find your gift even if you have to dig and dig and dig. It’s there.

How we show up in the world now matters. Your thoughts and feelings have energy and power. 

Are you in judgment, criticism, and blame? Or are you in compassion, love, and kindness?

We are all sailors on the S.S. Pandemic. You may be in quarantine at home, but you are not alone, my friend.

Keep your vibration high and reach out to those who may need your loving word or act of kindness. Being of service to others in this time is a blessing that will come back to you ten-fold.

If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings, I am here to support you however I can. I will be doing more in the coming days and weeks to be present for my community.

Let’s allow this time to change us in wonderful ways.

As always, I am sending you much love, light, and healing.