“Kelly’s coaching was incredibly intuitive and responsive to my desire to get out of my own way and find a more positive frame of mind, to access my confidence, and to really see my path forward. She showed a lot of patience in taking the time to understand my personal and professional goals and intentions. Kelly was also very creative, and shared with me her veritable toolbox of ideas and exercises to practice, and by sharing these tools with me, Kelly held me accountable to take not only the little steps, but also the big ones. Kelly’s support and interest in helping others identify the joy in their lives and then commit to live in that joy are both unwavering and genuine. It was a truly rewarding experience to be guided someone so capable and insightful.”

– Shannon M.

“Kelly is personable, insightful and easy to open up to. She made me feel comfortable and safe to express myself. She has helped me move through situations in which I was previously stuck. I have gained more self-confidence working with Kelly. I have achieved organization in my life, have overcome avoidance, become more open and vulnerable and am now taking pleasure in a deeper, meaningful relationship with my partner. I would recommend Kelly if you are struggling in any area of life; relationships, career, family. She supplies tools and plans of action that are easily integrated for successful growth and change.”

– Christine P.

“Kelly Mishell was a pleasure to work with! She immediately made me feel comfortable with her true compassion, and natural professionalism. Her communication skills and ability to listen on many levels was refreshing, and greatly appreciated.”

– K. Farquhar