Coaching Testimonials

“Kelly’s coaching was incredibly intuitive and responsive to my desire to get out of my own way and find a more positive frame of mind, to access my confidence, and to really see my path forward. She showed a lot of patience in taking the time to understand my personal and professional goals and intentions. Kelly was also very creative, and shared with me her veritable toolbox of ideas and exercises to practice, and by sharing these tools with me, Kelly held me accountable to take not only the little steps, but also the big ones. Kelly’s support and interest in helping others identify the joy in their lives and then commit to live in that joy are both unwavering and genuine. It was a truly rewarding experience to be guided someone so capable and insightful.”

– Shannon M.

“Kelly is personable, insightful and easy to open up to. She made me feel comfortable and safe to express myself. She has helped me move through situations in which I was previously stuck. I have gained more self-confidence working with Kelly. I have achieved organization in my life, have overcome avoidance, become more open and vulnerable and am now taking pleasure in a deeper, meaningful relationship with my partner. I would recommend Kelly if you are struggling in any area of life; relationships, career, family. She supplies tools and plans of action that are easily integrated for successful growth and change.”

– Christine P.

“Kelly is a patient, intuitive, thoughtful coach. She not only helped me through challenges, she truly celebrated my successes with me!

Kelly’s coaching helped me stay motivated and focused in working toward pursuing the profession I’m passionate about. With her guidance, I was able to catch myself in times of negative self-talk, and to go toward my desires rather than bemoaning what I lack. We concluded each session with specific actions that – when I applied them – opened doors to so much possibility and opportunity! I also feel empowered by the numerous tools she provided me to continue on this path of growth. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who needs help not only clarifying a vision of the life they want but taking the action toward making it happen.”

 – Jessie Q.

“Kelly is dedicated, professional, compassionate and truly listens. She provides relevant resources and exercises to assist you on your journey as you navigate life, allowing desires and available blessings to manifest more freely and more often.

The resources and guidance she provided has helped me find a path toward better self-awareness, healthier thought patterns and belief systems, resulting in more opportunities, better connections, freedom, and confidence in my choices and goals. I’m looking forward to seeing additional results as I continue to utilize these tools and insights.

I recommend Kelly if you are looking for guidance to better position yourself to be the best version of you.”

– Cory L.

“Kelly Mishell was a pleasure to work with! She immediately made me feel comfortable with her true compassion, and natural professionalism. Her communication skills and ability to listen on many levels was refreshing, and greatly appreciated.”

– K. Farquhar

“When I met Kelly, I was in, what I believed to be, a hopeless situation. I was isolated, depressed, and trapped in a dead job surrounded by unhappy people. I had lost hope for a bright future, and I had completely lost all faith in myself and in others. Kelly guided me through deeply healing, empowering, soul-enriching meditations and exercises. I retrained my mind to attract favorable, positive conditions and create a joyful, hopeful and happy life. Kelly is encouraging, uplifting, and she inspired me to become the amazing person I was meant to be and have the amazing life I was meant to have.

I now have an exciting new career path and completed Yoga Teacher Training. I have become a magnet for money and new opportunities. In fact, I have more opportunities now, socially, professionally, and personally than I have time for. Life is exciting again!

Working with Kelly was the best investment I have ever made. She showed the me the path to joy, for real. I wouldn’t trade one single session I’ve had with Kelly for anything.”

 – Debbie Dunn

“Kelly was invaluable while exploring the direction I wanted my life to go where I could be of service to others. She works with integrity and compassion and always supported me right where I was… even when I felt blocked. Kelly was able to guide me using different tools that gave insight into clarity and possibilities for my new future reminding me that it’s a process. I am delighted to have journeyed this path with Kelly.

I now feel confident and inspired to pursue my certification as an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner where I can support others to live a life of abundance.

And for that I am grateful to Kelly’s sessions and her support and excited to carry on with my future endeavors!”

– Carol H.

Workshop/Speaker Testimonials

Kelly Mishell is an amazing presenter and coach, and I was blown away by how much I was able to take away from just one brief group session. Her combination of direct instruction on communication strategies and guidance through independent reflection exercises helped me to become more mindful of my own inner dialogue and my perceptions of both myself and others. I walked away with concrete tools that I was able to immediately apply into my own life and relationships, and I look forward to learning more as we continue our work together while I pursue some new (and stressful) career opportunities.

Ann Shadden

I enjoyed [Kelly’s] “The Practical Path to Joy” workshop. I took from it a reminder as to our ability to make choices about the direction of our lives and our attitudes and find ourselves on a more satisfying and joyful path. I learned several techniques for changing my approach to something right in the moment. For example – thinking about what I am grateful for in a difficult situation. The process transforms my attitude and ability to deal with the situation.

Kelly is a clear, knowledgeable speaker. She teaches with personal examples which make the material very relatable.  Her presentation conveys her enthusiasm about the material and her desire to share it and assist others in improving their lives.  I would highly recommend her workshop to others and I think people would benefit from her coaching.

Judy Bell